Learn How to Windsurf Step by Step and Avoide the Mistakes that Waste Your Energy

Learn how to windsurf from zero to hero

Windsurfing can be difficulttiring and frustrating. And it is for most people, especially those who are just starting out. Others have simply been taught the wrong way by their friend or family member.

There are so many subtle things to look out for in this technical sport that one can easily forget most of them.

That is why I created the Complete Guide on How to Windsurf, the eGuide that will make all other tutorials obsolete.

I designed it to the go to resource for windsurfers at any point of the learning curve.

In it you find out:

  • The biggest mistake (and also the most common) people make which greatly sabotages their progress on EVERY level of the learning curve
  • Why you are getting tired so fast and how to avoid that
  • The main reason you are not managing to plane
  • Why so many people catapult when learning to use the harness (and what you can do about it)
  • How to save energy in the waterstart instead of wasting more than up-hauling
  • How to beachstart with no wind

What is inside?

  • Step by step tutorials from absolute beginner to jumping and classic freestyle
  • Descriptions to the easy way to carry out each maneuver
  • What the commom mistakes are of each technique and how to avoid them
  • Tailored exercises for both low wind and high wind conditions so that you progress regardless of the wind speed
  • Image sequences to see what your move should look like

The book fully meets my expectations, good job!

Antonio R.

The e-book is excellent! Certainly will help me to more easily survive the transition from the old board to new way of windsurfing.

Enzo S.

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Planing Effortlessly Video

The Beginner Windsurfing Series

I really appreciate what you do for people learning to windsurf. Your site, articles, videos and guide are the most complete/comprehensive I’ve found anywhere.

Ian B.

A good reference to keep handy for step by step progression

Denzell D.

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