Free 9 Day “How To Windsurf” Email Course

From absolute beginner to planing through your first gybe. This e-course with take you by the hand from being a newbie to being the top dog on the beach.

After teaching people how to windsurf for over 9 years I have refined the specific steps that it takes to get from bobbing through the water to planing through that first gybe.

In this FREE Course, You will:

  • Learn the single most important (and most overlooked) detail that will reduce the learning curve for nearly every future manoeuvre
  • See the 3 components that will either make or break your waterstart
  • How to work towards sailing comfortably in the footstraps
  • How to enjoy using the harness without the constant fear of catapulting
  • What to absolutely avoid when doing a carve-gybe/power-gybe

I also give away my Beginners Handbook to all who sign up to the email course in which I explain step by step how to get started in windsurfing.