Localism: The aggressive behaviour that locals of a particular spot have towards outsiders to make sure they don’t have to share the wave, etc.

Localism - street warning

How many stories have you heard of local surfers threatening, insulting or even attacking other surfers who are visiting the spot? This is a worldwide phenomenon and is not limited to surfing or water sports. In essence it is a form of surf rage but applied to territorial protection.

On my home island of Tenerife alone there are a large number of spots governed by a group of friends who have been surfing at a certain spot for ages and don’t let anyone else enjoy that particular wave or spot by resorting to violence.

Ultimately, localism is nothing but selfish behaviour manifested through violence. As nice as it is to have the spot all to ones self, the ocean belongs to everyone and as long as we all using concienciously and respectfully towards everyone else, there is no reason why we can’t all enjoy it.

Maybe you missed the best wave of the day because a newbie was in the way or a visitor took the wave thinking you would get wiped out because they didn’t know how the wave breaks at that particular spot. Never mind, the ocean will bring plenty more waves, winds and epic sessions on the water. No need to act like it is the end of the world.

Localism sign