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Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested but I don't want to pay $97/year

I can’t decide that for you. All I can say is that up to now every member has claimed that the Academy membership has been worth it.

The reason for the price is that creating these videos costs money and time. I would love to be able to give them away for free but every video I produce means paying an editor, taking time away from my wife and daughter on my days off to film, explain and upload the footage.

What is your refund policy?

If within the first 45 days you feel that the course is not delivering on its promise I will personally refund your money. Plus, you get to keep the ebooks and pdfs.

I don’t want to have your money if my course doesn’t deliver the value you expect.

Can I cancel my membership?

Of course! The reason for the yearly fee is that I am breaking down concepts, filming, cutting and editing one new video each month and that all takes time and money on my end.

If you stop windsurfing, get bored of the videos or feel they are not addressing your levels needs it would not make sense to continue paying for the membership. You can cancel it at any time.

Can I upgrade after signing up?

Yes. If at any time you feel like you want more in depth guidance on how to windsurf you can upgrade without a problem.

Can I suggest topics for videos?

Absolutely YES! My goal is to make the Academy the most complete resource for windsurfers and if you let me know what you want to learn I will create the next video on that topic.

What do you cover in the monthly videos?

The base course will guide you from knowing nothing to planing through a gybe.

On top of that I add at least one new video each month. The topics will range from:

  • Step by step tutorials
  • Tips on how to make windsurfing easier
  • Equipment tuning and maintenance
  • Low wind maneuvers
  • Advanced technique
  • Safety measures and self rescue tips
What is the Windsurf Warriors magazine

The Windsurf Warriors magazine is a bi-monthly publication in which I provide interesting articles and step by step tutorial for the average windsurfer who is not interested in photos of pros in exotic locations but prefer to read articles that help them progress in their windsurfing level. For more information you can check out

As a member of the How to Windsurf 101 Academy you will receive the latest issue of Windsurf Warriors when it comes out.

Lifetime Academy members also get access to the entire backlog of issues.

Don't Be Shy

If I have’t answered all your questions or are still unsure about whether the Academy is for you , feel free to drop me a line anytime.