How to Windsurf – Pumping

How to Windsurf – Pumping

Pumping in windsurfing is a technique that is not really talked about much. Many people do it intuitively, others can’t seem to get the hang of it, and the rest have no idea how to explain it properly. I was only made aware of this recently and noticed that even in the vastness of the internet there is not much information on pumping. So here goes:

I like to break pumping down into four types as the techniques varies on the wind available to us and the purpose of pumping.

Pumping in near zero wind

In my post on how to get back if the wind drops, I describe how to move the sail in a way that pushes the mass of air to the stern, thereby pushing the board forwards. Then moving the sail forwards with the sail surface in line of movement to reduce the surface causing drag

Pumping in low winds