About Me


Hi there! My name is Arne Gahmig. I have been a windsurf instructor on and off since 2004 and been on a windsurfing board since the age of 5. I am passionate about all water-related sports meaning that I alternate between windsurfing, kiteboarding, surfing and SUPing depending on the conditions. In general I am more of a waves guy, which is hardly surprising having grown up in El Médano, Tenerife (Spain) and so I am most addicted to windsurfing, only recurring to the other disciplines when the conditions are too soft for a 5.7 wave sail.

I have decided to set up this blog as a way of putting into writing all of the steps necessary to start with windsurfing and to keep advancing through the stages in the least ammount of time while still having


loads of fun. Everything that I post here will be based upon my own experience that I have obtained and will continue obtaining in my sailing sessions and in my lessons.

I hope you get as much out of it as you can 😉


Yep, the (sometimes) Teletubby with the red sail, thats me …